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In a new article featured on the AGE Foundation, dietitian and AGE Advisory Board member Pat Baird addressed the impact that a healthy diet and TruAge Sugar Stop have on our AGE levels.

She gave a few different tips for people to follow, the first being to cut down on sugar consumption.

“Excessive consumption of processed foods leads to an overabundance of sugar in our body, which in turn leads to increased AGE levels,” she wrote. “AGEs prematurely age our bodies and diminish our appearance, all while leading to a wide variety of other health concerns.”

Baird’s next piece of advice was to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, and cited some specific health benefits that different foods provide. She noted that berries such as cranberries, blueberries and blackberries contain AGE-reducing iridoids, and used the opportunity to mention TruAge Max and its supply of iridoids.

She then took the opportunity to discuss one of Morinda’s newest AGE-fighting products, TruAge Sugar Stop.

“Sugar Stop is a weight loss product with a formula proven to help you not only control your weight, but also decrease the formation of AGEs from the outset,” Baird wrote. “It decreases the formation of AGEs by blocking the body’s absorption of some sugar and starch before they’re stored in the body as fat or AGEs.”

However, Baird pointed out that while consuming healthy fruits, vegetables and natural products are a surefire way to lower AGE levels and maintain the longevity of our health, we cannot forget about the importance of exercise and positive daily habits.


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